Installing Microsoft excel toolkit  mac,
 Windows (text version)
Adding Functions in  Excel, using stat pack
Excel help making a scatter plot
Excel help with error bars and linear regressions
Importing Data
Lab 2- Calibration curve excel  tutorial

Lab Safety Rules
What goes where in a lab report?
Example Lab Report Grading Rubric
Example Lab 2 Writeup– Hayes
Example Lab 2 Writeup– Williams, 2012

Annotated Figures:
These are individual print out copies of your figures and tables for a lab report. Be sure to make figures not just your data and report final calculations with associated errors.
1. Make your figures (calibration curve, graphs of data, etc) and Tables and do your calculations.  Print them out 1 per page for figures and tables.  Turn in example calculations as necessary.
2. Hand write directly on your figure.  Report your OBSERVATIONS (to go into the results), INTERPRETATIONS (to go into the discussion), and CONCLUSIONS.  This will both help you write your report and give you feedback on your thinking processes before the final report is due.

Lab 2:  Calibration Curve
Complete annotated figures will include:

1. A plot of your calibration curve with error bars, equation of line of best fit, and an r-squared value.
2. A calculated concentration of your unknown AND calculated error (Sx).  Show your work either by hand or in an annotated excel sheet that is easy to understand (i.e. need to explain what is in calculated cells).
3. Observations, interpretations, and conclusions.  What will you say when you write your report?

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