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For those of you with late-arriving text books:
Harris Ch 3 problems,  Harris Ch 4 problems,  Harris Ch 5 problems

Unit 1
Challenge Problem  (Challenge  Problem pencast)
Error Worksheet  (Error worksheet solutions)
Climate change Worksheet  (Climate change solutions)
Statistics worksheet  (solutions)
Calibration Worksheet  (calibration worksheet solutions)

Unit 2
Equilibrium pretest  (equilibrium pretest pencast)
Thermodynamics Worksheet
  (Thermo worksheet solutions;  2014 Exam 2 2014 plbm 1)
Solubility Product Worksheet  (solubility product solutions;  2014 Exam 2 plbm 2)
Activity Worksheet  (activity worksheet solns)
Acid-Base worksheet    (acid-base worksheet solns,  titration curve pencast)
Weak acid-strong base titration pencast:  WB_SA pencast pg 1,  WB_SA pencast pg 2
Weak base-wrong acid titration pencast:  WA_SB titration pg 1;  WA_SB titration pg 2;  CHEM 212 Exam 2 Q3 pg 3

Unit 3
Electrochemisry Worksheet    (Electrochemistry tutorial solutions)
Spectroscopy Worksheet    (spectroscopy worksheet solutions)

Unit 4
Mass Spectrometry Worksheet    (Mass Spectrometry solution)
Separations Worksheet    (Separations worksheet solns)

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